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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Discover the undiscovered in 2013

With so many season's parties and Christmas celebrations, also new visions for the next year are becoming real...
My vision is starting to shine just as a new era, just as my own prediction and declaration to attract only the best of the blessings for my family, my friends and myself.
2013 is starting more than well for me and I am humbly happy and very thankful about it. Another 2 of my fine art photos will be shown at the Rental show in North Vancouver, from January 11th to February 2nd. 2013.  You are very welcome to visit and enjoy others artists' works as well. I will post more details about the show very soon.

For next year, I wish to all my readers they found the way to discover new things about themselves, new horizons and new realities, positive ones of course. I wish to all my readers they dare to go beyond their comfort zones and explore new territories... to discover (by them)  the undiscovered (to them) inside themselves. That 2013 be the year of "finally make things happen"  or the year where you can achieve one of your most desired dreams.

I wish 2013 arrives with strong and friendly personality in our lives so we all find invencible purpose and personal motto to keep us going with joy and passion in every moment of our lives.

I am very thankful to my blog readers, friends and all of you that have visited my shows during 2012; your presence, words and support (even when it's virtual) has been essential for me. I sincerely wish you the best of the blessings for 2013 and that all the good fortune, health and peace get in your home and stay forever.


© Rita Hernandez

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Don't miss the Anonymous Show at North Van!

This was how the walls of the CitySpace gallery looked couple minutes before the opening of the Anonymous Art Show. More than 700 pieces and around 300 artist are featured in this colorful and really inclusive exhibition.

The opening night was a very sucessful one. People lined up and waited to enter and see the show. Around 20% of the pieces were sold just in the opening night!. Look the images below, sold tags are now in place of the sold pieces. Still great original pieces left. Come and enjoy this one of a kind show. Exhibition will be until December 15th. 2012

Yes this is my little one visiting the show! And pretending she is taking me a photo as well.

If you don't know where the Gallery is located click here.

oh I forgot the list of the artists, here you have:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Anonymous Art Show

The invitation to the 8th Anonymous Art Show at the North Vancouver Community Arts Council has been released and here you have it!. 

This is a unique event: exhibition and fundraiser where you will find original art by established and emerging artists. All artwork is $100 CAD and you will be able to buy art right off the wall!. You will not know who the artist is, you just look and choose the one you love!. I can't give you any clue about which ones are my pieces, (but they are certainly brand new and not seen before in my portfolio I created them for this exhibition only). So the "anonymous" ingredient of this show is what gives the fun, all the pieces are signed in the back.! so trust your taste.

Come to the opening and join us!

Thursday November 22th  7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

CityScape Community Art Space, 
335 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver, BC

Sales will continue until Dec 15, 2012 so this is a great opportunity for Christmas shopping too.

For more details visit 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How was 321 Art Party at Seymour Gallery?

I was driving down the street and it was silent and calm.  I was getting closer to the gallery and nothing really seemed to be happening. I parked the car and went in. I opened the door and WOW!... What I found was an amazing and lively party!!!. The site was full and the vivrant music gave me a warming welcome.

The walls were showing an eclectic mosaic with a myriad of techniques, mediums and topics, and yet they all looked well together. I bet it was all a challege to curate this exhibition, so congratulations to Sara Savanah.

When I arrived, there were already several "sold" tags on the walls! The exhibition will be there until October 20th so you can have a look and maybe unhang some piece from the wall and support the Gallery. If it happens that you unhang the one create by me, of course I will be double happy, but at least go for a visit and enjoy this unique show.

This is the first time Seymour Art Gallery does this party in this way & format;  and I can tell that everyone was having a good time and we would love to have it again next year. I am sure this event surpased the expectations of many.

I will be looking forward to know more about how much was raised thanks to the artists community, thanks to the buyers, thanks to the donors, staff, volunteers etc.

Below I share a video with a tiny sample of what happened at the party. The music is been performed by Michael Fraser. Enjoy!

© Rita Hernandez

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

321 Art Party - Show at Seymour Art Gallery

For those interested in support and enjoy Art, you are invited to join us at Seymour Art Gallery, just in the core of Deep Cove. When?...
October 16th, 2012 at 7:00 PM. 

I am really counting the days for this coming event. One of my fine art prints, limited edition will be part of this show.

If you live in the North Shore you can't miss this one! This is a free event and any art lover is absolutely welcomed. What you will find is a juried show with affordable original art. 

Hope to see you there!
Seymour Art Gallery
4360 Gallant Avenue. North Vancouver, BC V7G1L2

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cooking something

It's  been some weeks since there is nothing new on the blog...
Well the reason why is because I am secretly producing (cooking) some new pieces. I cannot give you any clue about them, because they are going to be exhibited in an anonymous show. So I will post later more details about when and where. Hopefully I'd be lucky.
One thing is sure I am excited and as always working with all my passion in this new adventure.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

After Minnekhada Art Festival in Coquitlam

I have so many things to say and share about this Festival, that I don't know where to start. The place itself is one of a kind. It's natural beauty is surrounded by the obvious deep silence you normally found in the country side, but the park is only 15 minutes (car driving) away from Lougheed highway!. The historic lodge, which is a jewel hidden in the rain forest is a dream for any treasure hunter.

Besides the blueberry farms and the old Minnekhada farm, every landscape around there is simply, simple... simply magic... the whole area is a break for breathing and connecting with our humble side. The green can't be more greener, the humidity can't be more humid, the heat can't be hotter. The perfection can't be more perfect. That was Minnekhada park for me.

However the Minnekhada park was not the only offer this Festival had for the visitors and the exhibitors... there were other artists, organizers and volunteers. Extraordinary people, the kind of people you don't find everyday.

I had 2 neighbours that made my participation in the Festival absolutely unforgettable. One was Linda Lebrun with her "Pretty Fine Pottery" art pieces, our many chats were always interrupted for a potential customer, rather say visitor to either her or my table, however we enjoyed together the weather the music and the mosquitos. Linda (as many others) was lucky... she saw two bear cubs on Saturday and a big bear on Sunday. I didn't see any never.

My second neighbour was Anne Uebbing. She had a storytelling corner. She built an enchanting place for kids and grown-ups. Anne made my daughter's day (and mine too of course) with her unique style for story telling with lot of color, books, toys, puppets, little animals and songs! I was so lucky to have her just right there behind my table. We had also interrupted conversations but all of them were full of sense and meaning for me.

Here, You can see both my art work table and photos on easels and Anne's table just behind.

Closer view inside my tent (Sponsored by Places des Arts)

I also took the time to go inside the lodge and see other artists' works... and I was surprised and captivated with Marilyn Green.  As I used a lot the "rule" of thirds and the spiral of the Aurea section (or golden spiral) for my compositions, her jewellery visually engaged me immediately. Her pieces are absolutely unique not only for the shapes but also for what she explained was the genesis of this art (silver ring splints designed to treat finger problems... also known as orthotics). You better check her site here.

I also met the guy that creates and produces what I think are the best Vancouver panorama's photos (I am sure you have seen them in a Granville Island Gallery or decorating some nice office or board room. His name is Manfred Kraus you can check his website here. 

Thanks to all the Sponsors that made this fantastic event possible and thanks to the organizers and volunteers! This has been the best organized art fair I've ever been during the year.

Thanks to my friend Maria, who assisted me all Sunday. Thanks to Claudita, Milos & Blacky for their visit and a VERY special thanks to my husband whose support and love keep my spirit flying. I'm glad he saw the bears too!.

This is Manfred.

There where also mexican mojigangas! colorful and big! as they should be.
Made by Ana Martin and Ricky Patassini.

Chants des anciens voyageurs!

And if you're wondering about the meaning of Minnekhada... well the documentation provided by the Minnekhada park Association says it derives from the Sioux Indian Language and means "besides still waters"

I hope you're thinking in visiting this wonderful festival next year.

© Rita Hernandez

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Minnekhada Art Festival

I am really excited about this Festival. Minnekhada is a Regional Park located in Coquitlam. It has a historic lodge, a lake and picnic area, plus lot of trails!

Save the dates August 11 & 12 from  11am to 4pm. 
It's a free event. Familly oriented, nature surrounded, live music and lots of artist!  
"Reconstruction of the Self series"  & "Seasons & Grieving series" will be for sale at the stand #4. 

You will find my stand with my artwork going toward the lake, following the route of the picnic area, and close to Tim Hortons (on Sunday) if you visit the Festival on Saturday just go to the story telling section and I will be just behind.  See you there!

You will have to park your car at the Quarry Road parking lot and then use the shuttle provided by the organizers. Only people using wheelchairs are allowed to park in the lodge parking lot. There are few stalls though.

To see more details go

© Rita Hernandez

Thursday, July 5, 2012

2Series Photographic Exhibition at Lonsdale Quay

I am very lucky to have Beans Around the World Coffee shop wall to display my art work exactly in summer season. Many things will happen this summer around LOLO so don't forget to come and visit my favorite Coffee shop to see a sample of my two recent portfolios.

The exhibition will be there all July 2012 before going to the next Art Festival at Minnekada Regional Park.

Enjoy Summer!

© Rita Hernandez

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Art in the Garden Tour 2012

How was it?...  Phenomenal!
Aproximately 400 people visited this beautiful garden during this two day event.
The weather was perfect and the musicias (Meshe & Moon Circus on Saturday & Lora Bird on Sunday) made it unforgettable. I am so happy of having exhibited in this community event. Thanks to the North Vancouver Community Arts Council and special thanks to Tara Walsh her garden is just a dream;  I couldn't have a better host. She and her place where the perfect habitat for my art.

Here you have a short video, but you will love Lora's voice.

© Rita Hernandez