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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Discover the undiscovered in 2013

With so many season's parties and Christmas celebrations, also new visions for the next year are becoming real...
My vision is starting to shine just as a new era, just as my own prediction and declaration to attract only the best of the blessings for my family, my friends and myself.
2013 is starting more than well for me and I am humbly happy and very thankful about it. Another 2 of my fine art photos will be shown at the Rental show in North Vancouver, from January 11th to February 2nd. 2013.  You are very welcome to visit and enjoy others artists' works as well. I will post more details about the show very soon.

For next year, I wish to all my readers they found the way to discover new things about themselves, new horizons and new realities, positive ones of course. I wish to all my readers they dare to go beyond their comfort zones and explore new territories... to discover (by them)  the undiscovered (to them) inside themselves. That 2013 be the year of "finally make things happen"  or the year where you can achieve one of your most desired dreams.

I wish 2013 arrives with strong and friendly personality in our lives so we all find invencible purpose and personal motto to keep us going with joy and passion in every moment of our lives.

I am very thankful to my blog readers, friends and all of you that have visited my shows during 2012; your presence, words and support (even when it's virtual) has been essential for me. I sincerely wish you the best of the blessings for 2013 and that all the good fortune, health and peace get in your home and stay forever.


© Rita Hernandez