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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

After Minnekhada Art Festival in Coquitlam

I have so many things to say and share about this Festival, that I don't know where to start. The place itself is one of a kind. It's natural beauty is surrounded by the obvious deep silence you normally found in the country side, but the park is only 15 minutes (car driving) away from Lougheed highway!. The historic lodge, which is a jewel hidden in the rain forest is a dream for any treasure hunter.

Besides the blueberry farms and the old Minnekhada farm, every landscape around there is simply, simple... simply magic... the whole area is a break for breathing and connecting with our humble side. The green can't be more greener, the humidity can't be more humid, the heat can't be hotter. The perfection can't be more perfect. That was Minnekhada park for me.

However the Minnekhada park was not the only offer this Festival had for the visitors and the exhibitors... there were other artists, organizers and volunteers. Extraordinary people, the kind of people you don't find everyday.

I had 2 neighbours that made my participation in the Festival absolutely unforgettable. One was Linda Lebrun with her "Pretty Fine Pottery" art pieces, our many chats were always interrupted for a potential customer, rather say visitor to either her or my table, however we enjoyed together the weather the music and the mosquitos. Linda (as many others) was lucky... she saw two bear cubs on Saturday and a big bear on Sunday. I didn't see any never.

My second neighbour was Anne Uebbing. She had a storytelling corner. She built an enchanting place for kids and grown-ups. Anne made my daughter's day (and mine too of course) with her unique style for story telling with lot of color, books, toys, puppets, little animals and songs! I was so lucky to have her just right there behind my table. We had also interrupted conversations but all of them were full of sense and meaning for me.

Here, You can see both my art work table and photos on easels and Anne's table just behind.

Closer view inside my tent (Sponsored by Places des Arts)

I also took the time to go inside the lodge and see other artists' works... and I was surprised and captivated with Marilyn Green.  As I used a lot the "rule" of thirds and the spiral of the Aurea section (or golden spiral) for my compositions, her jewellery visually engaged me immediately. Her pieces are absolutely unique not only for the shapes but also for what she explained was the genesis of this art (silver ring splints designed to treat finger problems... also known as orthotics). You better check her site here.

I also met the guy that creates and produces what I think are the best Vancouver panorama's photos (I am sure you have seen them in a Granville Island Gallery or decorating some nice office or board room. His name is Manfred Kraus you can check his website here. 

Thanks to all the Sponsors that made this fantastic event possible and thanks to the organizers and volunteers! This has been the best organized art fair I've ever been during the year.

Thanks to my friend Maria, who assisted me all Sunday. Thanks to Claudita, Milos & Blacky for their visit and a VERY special thanks to my husband whose support and love keep my spirit flying. I'm glad he saw the bears too!.

This is Manfred.

There where also mexican mojigangas! colorful and big! as they should be.
Made by Ana Martin and Ricky Patassini.

Chants des anciens voyageurs!

And if you're wondering about the meaning of Minnekhada... well the documentation provided by the Minnekhada park Association says it derives from the Sioux Indian Language and means "besides still waters"

I hope you're thinking in visiting this wonderful festival next year.

© Rita Hernandez


  1. It was great to have had a chat about photography and marketing of our products.
    Hope to see you again at our festival next year. As a one of the Minnekhada Park Ass. directors we worked hard to make it a success and I can say it turned out to be fantastic.
    See you again

  2. Great weekend! Surrounded by the vey best artists and awesome nature! Don't miss it next year, it is really worth visiting! My Love, it is us to say thank you!

  3. It was great to spend the day beside you Rita. Your work is lovely and I enjoyed our conversations. I don't have a blog set up, but we can stay in touch about future markets and events.
    I've just returned from 3 days camping with my family on Vancouver Island. We had a wonderful time swimming, relaxing and visiting.
    See you again, Linda